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Is there a definitive treatment to treat snoring?

When faced with snoring, many patients with ronchopathy find themselves bewildered by the plethora of solutions on offer. The fear of snorers is to find themselves faced with a series of solutions, none of which will be fully satisfactory.

If some of these treatments are effective, their discomfort can be a problem, and vice versa, the apparent comfort of certain solutions does not necessarily induce total effectiveness.

In addition, another element must be taken into account, it is the durability of the treatment. A treatment whose performance is only temporary demonstrates only one thing: its lack of real effectiveness.

Snorers, and their loved ones, are constantly looking for a definitive solution to the nocturnal breathing problem that is ronchopathy.

Some treatments aim to permanently fix snoring , and among those that come spontaneously to mind, surgery comes first.

However, it must be taken into account that there are no 100% effective methods, and that only a doctor is able to estimate which treatment will be best able tosolve snoring.

Sprays, orthoses and other nostril retractors

When it comes to treatment, there are many possible solutions. The first consist of the use of a spray whose purpose is to thin the tissues to improve the passage of air. Thisresponse to snoringis however not consistently effective. For nostril retractors, the problem remains similar, because they only work on snoring whose origin is in the nose, which represents 20% of cases. Mandibular orthoses act on pharyngeal snoring, and have a certain effectiveness, depending on the degree of importance of snoring.


Surgery, a definitive solution for snoring?

The idea of stopping by the “surgery” box seems to give this treatment a definitive feel. The apparent radicality of going under the knife is only superficial, however, and this solution should only be considered in certain cases. As for the result, it depends on the patients.

It must be taken into account that there is not only one form of surgical treatment. By establishing the origin of the snoring, one can determine the area that the operation will have to treat.

Removal of nasal polyps against snoring

In the case of the presence of nasal polyps, surgery will be the solution considered as a last resort, more specifically if these growths located in the nasal cavity are important.

Removing them can have a positive effect on snoring of nasal origin by freeing the passage of air.

However, the effects of this treatment are not necessarily definitive because the polyps can again develop on the surface of the nasal mucosa.

Throat surgery for snoring

What is meant by “throat surgery”? In order to fight against snoring, surgical action can focus on three areas: the soft palate, the uvula and tonsils.

Several methods are possible, with different results.

With conventional surgery, under general anesthesia, the aim is therefore to remove the uvula and tonsils, or reduce the soft palate . These operations can be used individually or collectively toremove hum. Two weeks of convalescence must be taken into account. The result is totally satisfactory in two thirds of the cases.

The use of laser surgery on the soft palate can be performed under local anesthesia, directly at the ENT office. However, the results do not seem as satisfactory as those of conventional surgery, with a significant “relapse” rate.

Somnoplasty against snoring

Another technique that can be used to fight against sleep noise, the somnoplasty. It consists of the application of radiofrequency to the muscles of the palate to strengthen them and prevent them from sagging during the night. Combined with a weight loss phase, this solution is estimated to be effective in three quarters of snoring situations.

Back2Sleep, a definitive solution

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