Couple and snoring: getting back to sleep thanks to sophrology

Couple and snoring: getting back to sleep thanks to sophrology

Sophrology helps you get back to sleep despite your partner snoring. Indeed, this situation is not always compatible with a restful sleep.

Sophrology: listening to oneself and to the other

sophrology allows you to enjoy a sleep of quality, but you have to take into account its cyclesleeping. Sleeping Together may highlight the difference in biological clock between partners and disrupt nights. The insomnies affect relational and professional life. 

The first step to sleep together serenely is to know each other. Identify your sleep needs, your sensitivity to what bothers you and take action. If your partner's snoring is troubling your nights, talk it over with them. Consult in case of sleep apnea or try the Back2Sleep anti snoring device. Earplugs are also another alternative.

If thenight bustle keeps you awake, define the causes and treat them. You can also sleep on a special mattress that absorbs movement. If you have different rhythms, find common ground to respect each other's needs.

Sleeping as a couple: getting started with sophrology

Once you know your rhythm and that of your partner, learn sophrology. This technique promotes rest and relaxation through simple exercises. It is practiced alone or in couple, thus creating a common activity while providing a restful sleep.

This therapy is based on listening to the body , the liberation of the mind and the attention to sensations.

It relieves insomnia by remedying difficulty falling asleep and frequent nocturnal awakenings:

  • start with a self-massage at the level of the plexus solar with the palm of your hand to get rid of anxiety;
  • relax your muscles by fully contracting them all over your body after a deep breath;
  • repeat the exercise three times, inhaling through your nose, holding the breath, then exhaling for a long time.
  • for peaceful nights, focus on your breath before bed. Close your left nostril while inhaling, let the air enter through the right, then block it and exhale through the left. Repeat the exercise ten times.

Sophrology and good sleep hygiene

Sometimes the causes of insomnia lie in your couple habits. A healthy lifestyle ensures easy falling asleep and a deep sleep.

Prefer a light dinner, without alcohol, with vegetables and raw vegetables. Eat dinner early, at least an hour before bedtime.

Sleep at the same time and wake up at fixed times.

Ban all sources of light (screen, external radiation) and electronic waves (smartphones and appliances, etc.) from your bedroom.

Exercise during the day and do a relaxing activity at night< /b>. Sexalso promotes sleep.

Determine the elements or sleep conditions that you soothe and optimize your falling asleep. Bet on soft linen, choose a comfortable mattress, adjust the temperature of the room, etc.

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