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About Back2Sleep

- Who is Back2leep?

Back2Sleep is a French company that distributes its solutions against snoring and sleep apnea worldwide. The manufacturing is done in Germany in a factory specialized in medical devices, following the strictest standards. 

The origin of Back2Sleep is Japanese, the nasal stent exploits the patents of the Nastent medical device by simplifying its use and improving its efficiency.

- Where are the medical devices manufactured?

The factory is located in Weiler-Simmerberg, Germany. The manufacturing of Back2Sleep required 10 years of research and is particularly complex. This factory complies with the ISO 13485 standard to ensure quality management for the production of silicone parts for medical technology.

About our products

- Is the insertion painful?

Although there are differences between individuals regarding the sensation, the material used is very soft to minimize discomfort and maximize its effectiveness. Therefore, the probability of feeling pain is extremely low. In addition, a lubricating gel is provided to mitigate the discomfort effect.

Usually, after 2 or 3 nights the feeling of discomfort disappears completely.

- Is Back2Sleep effective in all cases of sleep apnea?

It is effective mainly when obstruction concerns the upper airways, it can be less effective in case of central sleep apnea. Consult your doctor to ensure the effectiveness of Back2Sleep in your case.

- Can the Back2Sleep stent be accidentally swallowed?

Thanks to its nasal clip, Back2Sleep is firmly held in place and is not at risk of being accidentally swallowed.

- Has Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) treatment become useless?

As a method of treating sleep apnea, the CPAP machine and Back2Sleep have different characteristics, but they can be complementary. CPAP treatment is the reference and we advise you never to stop regular CPAP treatment without first consulting your doctor.

- Does Back2Sleep require any special precautions?

Avoid using it on damaged or irritated mucous membranes and make sure to follow the user manual, including the cleaning instructions before and after each use. You should also make sure to use the size (S, M, L or XL) that is suitable for your body type.

- How many times can each Back2Sleep tube be used?

Each tube can be used for 15 consecutive nights. Replace it with a new product every 15 days, whether it is used or not. In fact, due to cleaning cycles and ambient air, the tube loses its pressure resistance after 15 days from opening. After that, it loses its effectiveness and the airflow decreases with consequences on oxygen saturation.

Check before use, and if you see signs of discoloration, odor, or cracks or visual damage, stop immediately and replace with a new product.

- How to choose the right length or size (S, M, L, or XL)?

Choosing the right size that fits your body type can be complex. We recommend starting with the Starter Kit, which contains all the lengths. 

Start with the shortest one and look for the length that prevents snoring. Then, try the larger size to see if it is more comfortable. Choose the length that is both effective and comfortable.

It is important to listen to your sensations:

- If the tube is too short, it may cause a real and significant feeling of discomfort and inconvenience, and the device will not be effective.

- If the end of the tube reaches the uvula, it can stick to the tube, causing discomfort in the soft palate.

- If the end of the tube reaches the base of the tongue, it may be pushed back by it.

In all 3 cases, choose a longer tube length.

- What are the storage and preservation conditions for Back2Sleep?

Store the Back2Sleep tubes and gel in a clean and dry place, away from heat (between 4°C and 40°C) and sunlight, in their original packaging. See the specific storage conditions for the gel on its own packaging and comply with them.

- Is it essential to see the end of the tube near the uvula?

It’s not essential for the tube to be visible next to the uvula. In some situations, it may be necessary to have a longer tube to overcome all obstructions. Particularly, in patients with a high Mallampati score, visualizing the tube through a mirror may not be possible, but this doesn’t necessarily hinder its effectiveness.

- What is the expiration date of Back2Sleep?

You will find the product’s expiration date on the label, following the hourglass symbol, presented in the English format, YYMMDD.


- What are the advantages of the subscription?

By subscribing, rest assured you will regularly receive our products in your mailbox, all while benefiting from the best possible price.

- Is there a commitment period required to subscribe?

The subscription to Back2Sleep is without commitment, you can cancel it at any time, even after your first order.

- How can I benefit from the best rate?

To take advantage of the best rate, simply visit this page and select the "Subscribe" option and "Delivery of 6 products every 6 months.

- How can I cancel my subscription?

Here are three different ways for you to cancel your subscription:

  1. Cancellation link in the order confirmation email: You received an email when you set up your subscription that contains a cancellation link. By clicking on this link, you will be directed to a page where you can cancel your subscription.
  2. Subscription management via your account on the Back2Sleep website: You can also cancel your subscription by logging into your account on our website, Back2Sleep. If you don't have an account yet, simply create one with the same email that you used when you placed your order. Once logged in, your order history will appear, and you will be able to cancel your subscription.
  3. Cancellation via this specific page: Finally, you can cancel your subscription by logging in via this page:

If you encounter any difficulties in canceling your subscription by any of these means, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will take the necessary steps to cancel the subscription for you.


- Where does Back2Sleep ship?

Back2Sleep is available for shipping worldwide, with the exception of the United States and Canada. This is because Back2Sleep is currently registered with European health authorities but not yet with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which prevents us from delivering our products to the USA and Canada.

- Which carrier takes care of the delivery?

Orders placed on this site are either shipped by a distributor, if your region is covered by our partners, or directly from France by La Poste française. La Poste has agreements with local carriers in each country to ensure delivery straight to your mailbox.

- How long does the delivery take?

In France, delivery is generally made within 48 to 96 working hours. For international shipments, this period is typically extended to between 4 and 6 days within Europe, and can take up to 30 days for some countries.