Who are we?

BackSleep® aims to make people's lives more beautiful by imagining new medical devices that, through innovative technologies, improve sleep and social life.

  • Beginning of development

    Willling to find a simple, light and effective solution, the Nastent laboratory launches research and development

  • Launch in Japan

    The device was placed on the market in Japan in 2014 under the name Nastent, then in France and the Netherlands in 2017

  • Snorers in Europe

    Of which 26 million people suffer from sleep apnea. Europe becomes the priority and Nastent installs its R&D there

  • Nastent becomes Back2Sleep

    The European R&D center develops Nastent which becomes Back2Sleep. Easy to use and less expensive, it opens up new perspectives

10 years of research and development for Back2Sleep

Our history

Already very involved in the cardiovascular field, the laboratory has been interested since 2007 in sleep disorders which are one of the causes of cardiovascular diseases.

The treatments of that time were invasive and restrictive. The challenge for the Back2Sleep teams was to develop a device that was easy to use, accessible, light, invisible and effective.

2023 marks a significant evolution of the device, the progress in comfort and ease of use are such that the name of the product changes name and becomes Back2Sleep.

Photo of a Back2Sleep employee

Our philosophy

Our team is fully involved in its work in order to best meet the expectations and needs of patients:

- Solve the problem of snoring
- Offer an additional alternative to invasive sleep apnea treatments
- Stay discreet and efficient
- Be light and transportable

Our team, our strength

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