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BACK2SLEEP - Starter Kit

Starter Kit - Back2Sleep nasal stent

Starter Kit - Back2Sleep nasal stent

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Back2Sleep is an intranasal stent that reaches the soft palate (near the uvula). It helps maintain regular breathing by preventing the obstruction of airways that causes frequent wake-ups and snoring.

Back2Sleep is made with soft, skin-friendly material and provides a innovative treatment option for snoring and sleep apnea while minimizing discomfort.

Each Starter Kit contains 4 different length of Back2Sleep devices (S, M, L, XL), specific nasal lubricant, and instructions for use manual.

The box is suitable for a 15-day trial period to allow you to find the best fit size that is both effective against snoring and comfortable.

If you already know your length, go to the regular Back2Sleep device.

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  • Very discreet and silent

  • An ingenious nasal clip

  • Adapted to your morphology

Designed for you, after 10 years of research and development

Back2Sleep is a nasal stent that reaches the soft palate (near the uvula) at its end.

It allows for regular breathing by preventing airway obstruction that leads to frequent waking and snoring.

Back2Sleep is designed with a soft material that is as gentle as skin. It opens the way for innovative treatment of snoring and sleep apnea by minimizing constraints.

Each Starter Kit contains 4 Back2Sleep devices of different lengths (S, M, L, and XL), specific nasal lubricant, and an instruction booklet.

The kit is suitable for a 15-day trial to help you find the size that fits you best, meaning the one that is both effective against snoring and comfortable.

Starter kit packaging

Included in the box

4 stents, lubricant, instruction for use - 15 days of use
Starter Kit for first time users

Collapsible content

Very discreet and silent

Most treatments for snoring or sleep apnea are bulky and very visible, but Back2Sleep is invisible and lightweight.

An ingenious nasal clip

Its nasal clip required years of development to securely hold the tube in place.

Adapted to your morphology

Back2Sleep is specially designed to fit your nose with a curve that conforms to your morphology up to the soft palate

Compact and easy to carry

With its resealable packaging, Back2Sleep can accompany you everywhere, at the bottom of a bag or suitcase, it follows you on your travels.

Natural water-based lubricating gel provided

A special lubricating gel is included to respect the characteristics of the tube and make insertion easy.

As soft as the skin

Back2Sleep has been designed with special materials, dermatologically tested, to ensure optimal comfort, its texture is as soft as the skin.