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Acupressure anti-snoring ring: operation & Reviews

The anti snoring ring or bracelet is a creation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to stop ronchopathy or snoring. As part of the natural solutions to avoid this sleep disorder, it is based on the ancient Chinese practice called acupressure.

Acupressure is an alternative or complementary medical technique related to acupuncture. Unlike acupuncture (needle pressure ) where needles are used to reduce pain or stimulate certain parts of the body, acupressure uses pressure and massage techniques such as shiatsu. This natural therapy is performed without needles. The thumb or index finger exerts pressure on specific parts of the body in order to stimulate the body's energy flow or enhance self-healing. It can treat many ailments such as joint inflammation, gastric disorders, allergies, and even snoring. But how did we get to the acupressure anti-snoring ring?

The anti-snoring ring originates from beliefs linked to Chinese medicine. It conforms to the Yin and Yang philosophy. Here, two magnets or acu-activators are used to act on the precise points located, in general, on the little finger of the man or the woman. This is why the anti-snoring ring is worn on the right little finger in men and the left little finger in women.


How does the anti-snoring ring work?

It is a metal ring with two internal bumps that is usually worn at night. The small bumps put pressure on different points on the snorer's or snorer's finger while they sleep. By this process, the pressures invigorate the energy flow and reduce snoring. Because, most of the causes of snoring, apart from hereditary or morbid considerations, are linked either to excessive fatigue or to bad posture at bedtime.

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Why use an anti-snoring ring and in what cases?

At the bedside of the snorer or the snorer, the hums are disturbing or unpleasant. For those around them and for people who snore, snoring is a source of stress, insomnia and sometimes leads to many health problems.

Some couples see their harmony broken because one or the other partner snores loudly in the night. However, thanks to the bracelet or the anti-snoring ring, these vibrations caused by the tissues of the throat or the pharynx to the passage of the air, can be stopped dead, regardless of the origin of the snoring.

In some people, snoring is hereditary. The anti-snoring ring, which also exists in the form of a bracelet for the little ones, can solve the problem. Some babies, at birth, sleep in exactly the same position as one of their parents. They sometimes adopt the same facial or oral posture, the same rhythm of purring at bedtime.

A custom-made anti-snoring bracelet can soothe your baby or child, especially when their pharyngeal vibrations keep you awake. The anti-snoring ring or bracelet can also be worn by those who work for a long time in the office, and are obliged to "nap" in the middle of the day, without preventing themselves from snoring in full sleep. No one knows when sleep will knock on his door. It is always safe to wear your anti-snoring ring. The anti-snoring ring or bracelet can also be useful for non-snorers.

In case of cold, sinusitis or any other condition capable of causing nasal congestion, you may find yourself having to snore momentarily or permanence.

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The use of the anti-snoring ring, in this case, could be beneficial. Because the pathology has three evolutionary phases, each more complicated than the other: simple snoring, sleep apnea syndrome and Pickwick syndrome or chronic snoring. Another solution more suitable than anti-snoring rings like Back2Sleep.

Among adults, the average snorer varies between 40% and 60% depending on whether you are a man or a woman. This represents a real social problem that affects homes, couples and especially the snorer or the snorer. Even if clinical practices show that in a category of person the anti-snoring ring or bracelet works very well, until now, no scientific study has demonstrated the effectiveness of its method.

What people think of the anti-snoring ring?

Different opinions on the anti-snoring ring. For some who have benefited from its benefits, it is the ideal solution. For others, it is much less envious. Although it would seem ineffective in the treatment of other pathologies linked to sleep disorders, in particular apnea. In case of dissatisfaction with the anti-snoring ring method, in addition to the tips to prevent your spouse from snoring, more in-depth examinations of your pathology or other natural methods may prove to be more effective than the acupressure anti-snoring ring. For example, if your snoring is nasal and not oral, the nasal dilator may do you more good than the anti-snoring ring.

This small object available in pharmacies and even in supermarkets, allows you to widen each nostril to allow you to breathe better, and by extension to stop snoring. Also approved by the medical community, the mandibular advancement orthosis is a effective treatment method for snoring and sleep apnea. Recommendation number 1 of medical academies, they exist in two categories: custom orthotics, made from your dental impression, and self-adaptable orthotics such as Back2Sleep.

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