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Snoring earplugs: presentation and alternatives

But what is an earplug and does it work? The earplug will help those around the snorer to spend quieter nights but will not solve the problem of ronchopathy of the snorer. Thus, it is advisable to be interested in anti snoring solutions.

Snoring earplugs: presentation

Earplugs are used to reduce the ambient sound level perceived by the ear. This makes it possible to bring more comfort to the person who notices sound disturbances during the night.

What is an earplug? An earplug is a small wax or foam element that is inserted into the ear canal. There are different models of earplugs. Their differences lie in their efficiency, material and comfort. The protection level will allow the person to reduce the decibel level. As a general rule, earplugs can reduce perceived noise by 30 decibels. Single-use earplugs can be shaped. It will then be necessary to roll it gently before introducing it into the ear. Once in the ear, it will expand to become airtight. It is also possible to use pre-formed earplugs. They have the advantage of being more comfortable and better adapted to the morphology of the subject. They can be reused several times, but it will then be necessary to clean them after use.

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At a much higher price, custom-made earplugs are available. They will be made from the imprint of the subject's auditory canal. The comfort will therefore be much higher than with standard earplugs. These earplugs regularly use acoustic filters. These filters allow voices to be heard while protecting other sounds. These plugs should be fitted by a hearing professional.

These custom caps can be made in two materials. There are soft ones in silicone and hard ones in acrylate. Either way these earplugs will be reusable. Once again, it will be essential to respect hygiene rules.

Snoring earplugs: The simple alternatives.

As mentioned, earplugs help those around the snorer have a quieter night's sleep but does not treat snoring itself. It therefore makes more sense to find solutions to snoring. There are a number of solutions to help fight snoring effectively.

The first solutions respond to common sense and a healthy lifestyle. It is not recommended to consume milk, tobacco or alcohol before bedtime. Likewise, the position will have a great influence on the intensity of snoring. It is recommended to sleep on your side and not on your back. Many natural remedies help with snoring. A spoonful of olive oil before bedtime will help the tissues in the airways relax. A homeopath will be able to find an adequate treatment for snoring by determining its cause (overweight, stuffy nose...)

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Essential oils are very often used to treat snoring. They help open the airways. They have the virtue of decongesting and disinfecting. We can mention the essential oil of lavender or even peppermint.

Many snorers practice language exercises. These are anti snoring rehabilitation methods. The muscles of the tongue and the mouth are then firmed up.

Snoring earplugs: Medical alternatives.

Beyond the embarrassing side, snoring can also be a sign of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a cessation or decrease in respiratory flow lasting longer than ten seconds. Here, a medical consultation will be essential for proper care. Various treatments can relieve a patient with snoring and sleep apnea.

The standard treatment for snoring accompanied by sleep apnea is the continuous positive pressure (CPAP) device. Before using this device, the patient must have consulted a doctor and must have performed a ventilatory polygraphy examination. The CPAP will send continuous pressure air to the patient via a mask to fight against airway obstruction. For optimal effectiveness, it is recommended to wear the mask for at least 4 hours a night.

Back2Sleep  is a  nasal stent that adapts perfectly to the morphology of the patient. It helps maintain regular breathing preventing airway obstruction that causes frequent awakenings, sleep apnea and snoring.

In the most serious cases and on medical advice, it is possible to have recourse to surgery to put an end to snoring. The first solution is to use radiofrequency. This is not a real operation but is very effective. Using electrodes, the doctor will reduce the vibrations of the soft palate.

Finally, uvulo-palato-pharyngoplasty surgery consists of uvula removal, tonsils and part of the soft palate thus making it possible to enlarge the throat space. This operation is very effective but requires general anesthesia.

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