Chronobiology: definition, explanation, mechanism

Chronobiology is essential for human health, because it allows us to better understand the functioning of the body by analyzing its rhythm. To take advantage of its principles, all you have to do is respect the rhythmic principles and identify the best times to do your physical exercises, whether to lose weight or improve the quality of sleep.


Definition of chronobiology
Food chronobiology
Chronobiology and sleep
Chronobiology and sport

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Definition of chronobiology

Chronobiology is the science that deals with biological rhythms, their role in health, as well as factors that can affect their proper evolution. According to the opinion of specialists, there are different categories of rhythm. Thus, we can distinguish between ultradian rhythms, circadian rhythms and infradian rhythms. Ultradian rhythms relate to cycles that take place in less than 24 hours. This is, for example, the heart rate. As far as circadian rhythms are concerned, the cycle takes place in 24 hours. We think in particular of the variation in body temperature or the sleep cycle. As for the infradian rhythm, it concerns all cycles that occur over a period exceeding 24 hours. This is the case of the menstrual cycle for example.

In addition, chronobiology only appeared in the 1980s, when researchers began to focus on the rhythmic organization of the body's internal environment. In the past, research was centered around the internal temperature of the body. Data from this research revealed thermal constancy. Today, chronobiology has made it possible to highlight a rhythmic variation that occurs at different time intervals.

Food chronobiology

Food chronobiology has beneficial effects for the human body. It guarantees a balanced and varied diet in order to provide all the nutrients necessary for the body. Chronobiology is a great way for people looking to lose weight. In fact, food or nutritional chronobiology makes it possible to eliminate excess fat, which has the direct consequence of weight loss. Clearly, it must be understood that chronobiology helps to ensure a balance of life.

chronobiologie alimentaire

It is important to respect or adapt to a well-defined regime. At breakfast, for example, salty or protein-rich foods such as cheese, egg or ham should be preferred. Animal proteins will be preferred at lunch at noon. For this, fish and meat are often recommended. At snack time, between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., fruit picking is recommended. And in the evening, at dinner, we make way for light dishes based on green vegetables. Chronobiology does not impose any food restrictions. We are free to consume what we want, provided that we eliminate milk and its derivatives when their intakes are already compensated by cheese.Il faut donc comprendre que le principe de la chronobiologie alimentaire est de consommer au bon moment des aliments qui peuvent être facilement digérés, afin d’améliorer notre santé au quotidien.

Chronobiologie et sommeil

Il est inutile de rappeler que le sommeil est un besoin vital pour les êtres vivants. Être en pleine forme et garder la ligne revient aussi à bien dormir. À cet effet, il est nécessaire de suivre le bon rythme. Très généralement, le sommeil survient le soir, au moment ou l’activité mentale baisse. Cela se manifeste souvent par des signes de fatigue, et c’est évidemment le moment idéal pour vite s’endormir.

chronobiologie sommeil

A person's ability to fall asleep is determined from the latency period. This is the period of time that extends from the moment you make the decision to sleep to the moment you fall asleep. When an individual begins to fall asleep, he passes through a sleep that lasts about 1 hour or 1 hour 45 (slow sleep), gradually tends towards a much deeper sleep, then to a 10 or 15 minute paradoxical sleep. At the end of the paradoxical sleep, a short pre-awakening phase occurs during which the sleeper is likely to wake up at the slightest noise. Note that it is possible to immerse yourself in a new cycle if the sleeper does not wake up at this phase.

Chronobiologie et sport

Depuis de nombreuses années déjà, les vertus du sport sur la santé ne sont plus à démontrer. Un individu qui pratique le sport de façon régulière bénéficie d’un sommeil récupérateur de meilleure qualité. L’avantage est que l’individu s’endort facilement et plus rapidement. Les personnes qui pratiquent le sport ont une période de latence inférieure à celle d’un individu non-sportif.

chronobiologie sport

Il faut noter que le sport associé à l’activité physique a une influence sur la température du corps. Or, la température corporelle participe à la coordination des horloges internes. En associant la chronobiologie et le sport, il faut retenir que l’activité sportive doit être pratiquée de préférence lorsque la température est élevée, c’est-à-dire pendant la veille active. À ce sujet, les fins de matinée ou d’après-midi s’avèrent les moments favorables pour faire du sport. En fin de matinée, le yoga et le tai-chi sont quelques exemples d’activités à privilégier, tandis que le soir, alors que la température monte, l’on peut s’adonner à des exercices plus intenses.

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