Can snoring be really cured?

Can snoring be really cured?

Between comfort for the spouse and prevention of fatigue and cardiovascular disease, can snoring be cured ?

The issue of snoring can become a tricky subject for many people, especially if they are in a relationship. While disturbing your partner's sleep is problematic, real health issues are also at play, particularly those related to sleep apnea. This pathology can lead to significant medical concerns, ranging from headaches to increased development of cardiovascular disease.

Many solutions are proposed, sometimes serious and others much less. Between grandmother's remedies, the advice given by friends, the injunctions of his spouse or wife, the question of snoring can quickly become a thorny and tense subject when it deprives the other of precious hours of sleep or , in the case of sleep apnea, causes severe fatigue for the snorer.

Where does snoring come from?

Before knowing if snoring can be cured, you must first determine the causes of snoring. The causes ? Yes, because there is not just one reason to snore. Indeed, there can be several factors initiating this breathing difficulty during sleep. One factor is enough to cause snoring, but several can be combined, requiring the combination of several solutions, whether snoring finds its source in the palate, nose, tongue, etc.

Can snoring be cured?

As to whether snoring can be cured, the answer is clear: yes!

The snore, or ronchopathy remains, whatever its origin, stems from an obstruction of the airways due to relaxation during sleep. Thus, all the solutions proposed must imperatively allow unhindered circulation of the air at the level of the back of the throat. This hindrance is the result of a sagging of the soft palate and the tongue, which relax when one falls asleep.

The humming may also be coming from respiratory obstruction in the nose, so the solution will have to be adapted.

One solution: open a passage for the air

If it is imperative to establish a diagnosis in order to determine the most appropriate treatment protocol, the solution often remains the same: open the breathing passage.

And this is often where things get complicated, because the solutions are numerous and must be able to adapt to different kinds of snores. It is already necessary to determine the exact origin of the snoring, which can be at the back of the throat or in the nose.

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The solutions are diverse and varied depending on the diagnosis made. Thus, we can evoke the surgical operation to reduce the amount of flesh blocking the airways, the nasal retractors and other strips, often ineffective except for a nasal problem, or anti-snoring sprays which are not always satisfactory, and not to mention mandibular orthoses, effective when the snoring is not localized elsewhere than at the level of the tongue. It is often difficult to find a suitable solution for the different forms of snoring.

What to do if snoring develops?

The solution against this evil always remains the same: allow the air to pass without any hindrance. This passage must therefore be free from the nostril to the back of the throat in order to cover all the points that may possibly hinder the circulation of air.

The Back2Sleep Solution

In this perspective of a global solution, Back2Sleep remains the solution ensuring continuity of the flow of air to the lungs by clearing a clear opening. Its flexible tube opens a way breaking all the locks of snoring, whether at the level of the nose, the palate or the tongue.

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