Lack of sleep: how to rest and recover during the day?

Lack of sleep: how to rest and recover during the day?

The lack of sleep affects the state of your physical and mental health. The sleep requirement ranges from 8 hours for adults to 10 hours for children. The phases of sleep stimulate the body's regeneration every night. It is therefore necessary to recover to avoid sleep deficiencies.

Lack of sleep: how to recover by changing your habits?

Sometimes sleep disorders are at the origin of an unbalanced way of life that is not conducive to rest. A change in habits will allow you to remedy this. You will recover from your lack of sleep without having to resort to sleeping pills.

To sleep well, you may know that you need to go to bed at fixed times. Also know that the same is for your alarm clock. Constancy helps your body find its rhythm and the program to its mechanism.

Sport is a perfect ally of sleep . It promotes falling asleep and is effective for fighting insomnia. Practice regular physical exercises to sleep better at night.

Lack of sleep often refers to bad habits food, harmful in the long term. stimulating or exciting substances such as coffee, tobacco or tea are only emergency solutions. They do not allow full recovery. It is more beneficial to review your diet to sleep better and avoid sleep debt. Choose proteins, fruits and vegetables or salads in your dishes.

Lack of sleep: how to recover with a nap?

Sleepless nights mess up your days, but you can recover with a siesta. This comes in three kinds: micro nap, short nap, and long nap.

The micro-nap or a quick nap should not exceed a quarter of an hour. Preferably practiced seated and with a straight back, this rest is used to recover a little in 5 to 15 minutes. Make yourself comfortable, hold a light object and observe your breathing with your eyes closed. After about fifteen minutes, you will enter deep sleep. This will be interrupted when the object in your hands falls and wakes you up.

The short nap or standard siesta lasts no longer than half an hour. It can fill a restful sleep. Go to a dark place, have a cup of black coffee and sleep.

According to sleep cycle, the long nap (or royal nap) expands up to 90 minutes. Recommended after sleep deprivation, it is very restorative. It provides performance for up to 6 hours. However, it is not recommended in case of sleep disorders.

Lack of sleep: how to recover by furnishing your home?

Combating lack of sleep through interior design is possible. You just need to create an atmosphere conducive to rest in your room.

Adjust your thermostat from 15° to 20 °C (good temperature to fall asleep). Limit exposure to screens before sleeping: movies, video games, etc. If possible, do not install any electronic devices in your bedroom; this room is only designed for falling asleep and relaxing.

For furniture, bet on comfortable bedding and a soothing decoration. Avoid bright colors for your walls and install blackout curtains to windows.


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