William Leymergie, a famous French TV presenter, presents Back2sleep on his show

Back2Sleep® (formerly nastent™) in William Leymergie's new TV show

The TV Show "William à Midi" presents Back2Sleep®: snoring, the end of the nightmare!

On the occasion of a special "snoring" file, C8 focuses on Back2Sleep® (formerly nastent™).

Without lacking in humour, the show sifts through the techniques and solutions to combat snoring. Back2Sleep™ is presented as a major innovation.

C8 takes you to meet a couple who saw their life, or rather their nights, change thanks to Back2Sleep™.

Professor Chabolle, head of the ENT department at Foch Hospital (Suresnes), explains the principle behind the effectiveness of the Back2Sleep® tube.

To see or review this show, you can click on the link below (find Back2Sleep® -nastent™- from the 26th minute of the show).

http://www.c8. en/c8-info/pid8905-c8-william-a-midi.html?vid=1466386

Say stop to sleep apnea and snoring!
Back2Sleep packaging with sheep to represent a deep sleep
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