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What are effective anti-snoring treatments?

Just type “snoring” into your favorite search engine and you'll find hundreds of sites offering treatment solutions more or less effective against snoring. Because the business of anti-snoring products is flourishing. It remains to be seen whether behind each of these products lies the real answer to the snoring we suffer from, or whether other methods promote the reduction of snoring.

The issue of snoring, and its treatment, is essential, and must begin with a good understanding of the origin of snoring.

Ronchopathy results from an obstruction of the airways during sleep, by relaxation of the tissues. This relaxation can be done at the level of the cavity of the nose, by the presence of nasal polyps, or by the throat, either by the sagging of the soft palate or the muscle of the tongue.

The first treatment: change your lifestyle

In order to treat snoring in the long term, the first solution consists of a profound change in habits.

Weight loss is a fundamental element in the reduction, or even the total elimination, of snoring. Indeed, the mechanism initiating the obstruction of breathing involves a thickening of the tissues that excess weight greatly promotes. The accumulation of fatty tissue around the throat constricts the channel allowing air to pass freely to the lungs.

The first treatment is actually to change your diet and have regular physical activity in order to start losing weight. This diet will have the effect of giving the throat a smaller volume and therefore leaving the field free for air circulation.

While avoiding overweight is important, other factors should also be considered when modifying your lifestyle.

It is therefore recommended to avoid the consumption of alcohol and sleeping pills several hours before going to bed. These products have the annoying tendency to reinforce the relaxation of tissues and muscles during sleep. Similarly, cigarettes, due to their irritating effect, increase the likelihood of snoring.

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Treatments for snoring

While changing eating, smoking or drug behavior offers a first solution, it is not always enough.

There are sprays whose purpose is to reduce snoring by lubricating the airways. Their effectiveness is however not systematic and it is, most often, a first approach for snorers looking for a solution.

In the treatment of certain forms of snoring, the application of strips to the nose, aiming to rule out the airways, is one possible solution. However, for snoring whose origin is pharyngeal, this method is unlikely to work.

For these types of snoring, it is recommended to position a mandibular orthosis, whose function is to advance the jaw in order to to allow air to circulate at the back of the throat. Ergonomically designed pillows manage to do a similar job on airway clearance.


Another possible treatment: surgery.

This solution, which may seem drastic, can be effective. This involves removing the excess tissues that block breathing. The passage through the hands of a surgeon, if one is not used to it, can arouse certain fears.

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In order to clear a clear respiratory passage, from the nostril to the back of the throat, and to remove all the obstacles, the Back2sleep stent has established its effectiveness.

To be able to set up a treatment allowing the air to pass through the nasal cavity, even in the presence of polyps, then to let breathing continue without problem through the soft palate and beyond the pharynx and the tongue, such as is the goal of Back2Sleep. Its flexible tube remains the most complete and effective treatment against snoring and its consequences.

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