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Anti snoring spray: Why, who, effectiveness?

Countless anti-snoring treatments have appeared on the pharmaceutical market in recent years. The anti-snoring spray is frequently used in first intention and in the context of occasional snoring.

The usefulness of anti-snoring spray is questionable and often limited, which is why it is important to highlight other therapeutic alternatives. It is possible to use medication but also natural remedies.

Anti-snoring spray: In which cases should it be used?

The anti-snoring spray as its name suggests will be used as part of a ronchopathy. The tissues of the snorer's throat relax during the night and cause an obstruction hence the snoring. As we have just seen, a lot of people snore, however, we will consider that a person has pathological snoring only when the noise emitted will exceed 50 decibels.

In some situations, snoring can be associated with other pathologies more serious. This is the case for example of sleep apnea. a> The anti snoring spray will be used in simple snoring situations. In concrete terms, the anti-snoring spray will allow lubricate the soft palate to reduce vibrations.

Very often, snoring is only the result of a poor hygiene of life. The patient can easily remedy this by stopping taking alcohol, nicotine or sedatives before bedtime. In addition, it is important to note that overweight promotes snoring.

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Snoring in pregnant women is particularly problematic as the use of medication is limited in the event of pregnancy. Nevertheless, and fortunately, there are still solutions! The anti-snoring spray can be a saline solution. It will then be recommended in the event of pregnancy.

Anti-snoring spray is regularly prescribed for colds. Rhinitis is an inflammation of the upper airways. One of the symptoms of the common cold is snoring. Most common cold treatment involves nasal/oral sprays.

Anti snoring spray: The different types of spray, reviews and effectiveness

There are a large number of anti-snoring sprays. Not all are medicated and not all have the same effectiveness.

The oral anti snoring spray is going to be used by sprays in the back of the throat. Its purpose is to reduce tissue vibrations during the passage of air and by extension of decrease the intensity of snoring. It should be noted that this spray is particularly effective and prescribed when the patient has a cold or allergy.

The nasal anti-snoring spray, will be sprayed in the nose. This spray is intended to lubricate the nasal passages and thus clear the passage of air. It will be recommended to make two sprays per nostril with the head well vertical.It is not recommended as part of sleep apnea and be sure to check with your doctor if you are pregnant. 

Spray nasal types

The prices of nasal and mouth sprays present fairly similar prices according to the brands. Count between 10 and 20 euros in pharmacies or on the internet.

If you are resistant to medication and prefer natural remedies, be aware that there are natural sprays. It is quite possible to use a menthol-based nasal spray for example.

Many people choose this solution to avoid the side effect of the spray. The latter is manifested by a recurrence of the symptoms of the stuffy nose, so much so that Use of this spray is becoming more and more regular.

The anti-snoring spray: Therapeutic alternatives

As we have seen previously, the use of anti-snoring spray is often only recommended in cases of punctual snoring caused by a temporary cold. If you have regular or moderate to loud snoring, there are other solutions!

In case of severe snoring associated with sleep apnea, medical follow-up will be necessary. It will generally be offered the use of a continuous positive airway pressure device (PPC).This device allows you to send air continuously to the patient.

Back2Sleep is an intranasal stent that adapts to the patient's morphology. Extremely discreet, it effectively combats snoring. The patient very quickly recovers quiet nights and a restful sleep.

If you don't like using medication and the intensity of your snoring is not too loud, it is possible to use natural remedies. The first and probably the easiest is to take a spoonful of olive oil before bedtime. This will soothe irritation and have a lubricating effect.

Essential oils are increasingly used. For snoring, you can use essential oils from juniper or mountain pine. The latter effectively fight against respiratory disorders.

Finally, many doctors recommend daily language exercises.

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