Sleep disorders and sleeping pills: advantages and disadvantages

Sleep disorders and sleeping pills: advantages and disadvantages

France is ranked among the largest consumer countries of sleeping pills to the world. With over a quarter of the population suffering from insomnia, she puts some hypnotics over-the-counter and others on prescription.

Sleep Disorders: Is insomnia a real problem?

sleep problems interfere with your activities and lead to physical and emotional disturbances. However, if you don't sleep easily, you may not be insomniac. Health professionals nevertheless note the rush of patients to sleeping pills.

insomnia comes in three kinds and its frequent or chronic onset helps diagnose the disorder:

  • early awakening insomnia, you wake up an hour earlier than usual;
  • insomnia sleep maintenance you wake up at night and stay awake for more than half a time;
  • insomnia on falling asleep,it takes you more than half an hour to get back to sleep.

Lack of sleep affects your daily life, but the causes can also be found in habits.

When she is original pathological, insomnia is caused bysleep apnea, depression or anxiety.

Other times it follows big life changes : bereavement, departure, dismissal, illness, separation, etc.

Sleep Disorders: Are Sleeping Pills the Solution?

Sleeping pills present themselves as easy and effective remedies in case of insomnia. Since the 1980s, these drugs have continued to seduce the French. It must be said that they relieve nocturnal disturbances by relaxing the organism, often having a sedative effect. They also have anticonvulsant and anxiolytic properties.

Combined, these elements reduce nervousness and thus make it easier to fall asleep .

However, hypnotics are not without risk and have side effects. They cause other disorders, such as those of memory, muscle activation or attention. Their ingredients contain a molecule that can affect brain activity. Other inconveniences may also arise; these include migraine headaches, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

Sleep disorders: what alternatives to sleeping pills?

A chronic restless sleep impacts your life both emotionally only professionally. However, you do not have to turn to sleeping pills which are harmful in the long term.

Nature is full of plants and formulas with relaxing properties. Among these alternatives, you have among others German chamomile, lemon balm, valerian root or even lavender. Hops also help treat anxiety and irritability; recognized causes of insomnia.

If you snore, this throat noise can also wake you up and affect the quality of your sleep. The Back2Sleep anti-snoring devices are alternatives to sleep peacefully and safely.

CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapies have also done their evidence. These are some practices to identify the factors of insomnia in one's lifestyle. The sessions are provided by specialists and psychologists.

In addition, breathing and relaxation techniques as well as meditation are all solutions that will help you easily get back to sleep.

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