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10 positions to sleep well

Position for sleeping if you are pregnant

Mums-to-be often worry about hurting their babies, especially during a first pregnancy. Don't be afraid: you won't risk hurting baby while sleeping, regardless of the position, especially in the first few months. Your position to sleep pregnant will depend on your desires, and if your child is not comfortable, he will make you understand by stirring. For the last few months, we advise you to sleep on the left side, so as not to block blood circulation. Be careful, sleeping on the right or on your back could put pressure on important blood vessels. The extra trick: a pregnancy pillow that will support you effectively and pleasantly.

position dormir enceinte

Position for sleeping if you have a cold

It's hard to find a position to sleep with a cold when you have a stuffy nose! The throat itches, the mouth becomes dry and as we sink, a feeling of suffocation wakes us up... To improve your sleep when you are sick, all you have to do is take a few precautions before going to bed and raise your cushions. Being lightly seated, with your chest straightened, relieves pressure on the sinuses. You will breathe with less difficulty for better sleep.

Position for sleeping if you have asthma

For people with asthma, finding the right position to sleep is paramount. In order to ensure good breathing, care must be taken not to block the airways. We forget the position on the belly which forces to put the head on the side, breaking the axis of the body. It is better to sleep in the famous lateral position of safety that one learns in first aid, on the side. Lying on your back also works, as long as your head is not tilted forward or backward. Choose your cushion carefully!

Position to sleep if you snore

It is often believed that snorers sleep soundly, to the detriment of everyone around them, who sometimes have a hard time falling asleep. In truth, the sleep of the snorer is deteriorated: the person who snores wakes up regularly and the whole quality of sleep becomes poor. Eventually, this can lead to serious health problems. For most snorers, simply putting yourself in the fetal position solves the problem. If snoring persists, medical devices such as those from Back2Sleep allow you to better understand the problem in order to put an end to it. A great solution!

Position for sleeping if you have sciatica

Many people suffer from pain located around the sciatic nerve, and during an attack it can be difficult to sleep. Worse, the pain can wake you up in the middle of the night. As with the other situations above, sleeping on your side is usually the best solution. It is advisable to sleep if possible on the side that does not cause pain, with the legs bent so that the back is stretched. Be careful not to have your head too high and to keep it in line with your body.

Position to sleep if you have back pain

Back pain can have many causes and it is necessary to consult if it becomes unmanageable. To avoid these back pains or reduce them, it is advisable to monitor your sitting or standing posture, but also your posture when sleeping. To relieve pain, sleep preferably on your side, with your neck supported by a pillow and placing another pillow between your knees. If you sleep on your back, consider placing pillows under your knees, as well as a small one in the hollow of your back.

position dormir mal de dos

Position to sleep if you have your period

During menstruation, many physical changes occur: rise in body temperature, pain, digestive problems... All these worries can prevent you from getting sleep, however well deserved! Gynecologist Lisa Lindley explains that the best medicine to relieve nighttime cramps is to sleeping in the fetal position. Accompanied by a hot water bottle against your stomach, you should sleep better.

Position to sleep if you have stomach pain

It is often advised not to lie down in the event of gastric reflux in order to prevent gastric liquids from rising towards the esophagus, creating heartburn. But sometimes we have no choice! To sleep despite an attack or avoid reflux during the night, it is recommended to raise the feet of the bed on the head side to raise the level of the bust. Placing cushions in the same place under the mattress, or directly under the back to get up, can also be a solution.

Position for sleeping if you have poor blood circulation

Phlebitis, varicose veins, there are many health problems that can make the legs heavy and lead to poor blood circulation. While taking the right treatment for the problem you are facing, you can prevent complications by sleeping in the right position. Raise your legs using several cushions if necessary. You can also raise the feet at the end of the bed, to have the legs higher than the level of the head.

Position for sleeping if you have torticollis

Finding the right posture to sleep with stiff neck can be difficult. Only you know which position gives you the least pain. However, to avoid aggravating the situation, it is better to follow some advice. The choice of cushion, feather or memory foam, is important to support the neck. Do not sleep on your stomach to avoid twisting. On your back or on your side, be sure to keep your head in line with your spine; put yourself in a comfortable position so that you don't move during the night.

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