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Stop Snoring: Tips and Tricks

Stop snoring: How to stop someone's snoring?

How to stop your partner's snoring? this is the question that thousands of French people ask themselves. It is accepted that 45% of adults are occasional snorers and 25% are regular snorers. Are there any tips or solutions for sleeping peacefully alongside a snorer?

The first tip, and by far the simplest, is to cover the noise of the snorer. earplugs will cover light to moderate snoring. It should be remembered that proper use of earplugs helps prevent infections.

For the snorer, bedtime is important, it is necessary to follow some rules to go to sleep with serenity. A large majority of occasional snoring results from cold or rhinitis. Performing a nasal decongestion before bed helps to free the nasal passage.

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Snoring is regularly linked to lifestyle. Overweight, excessive alcohol consumption or tobacco are all elements that promote snoring. It is therefore advisable to adopt a good lifestyle.

A snorer will spontaneously tend to fall asleep on their back. However, this position causes snoring. It is therefore recommended to sleep more on the side. Regarding the position, some pillows help to adopt a proper positiont during sleep.

Stop snoring: medication

As we have pointed out, a lot of French people snore ( nearly 15 million< /a>). Their snoring can be of varying intensity and severity. Also, there are many drugs to treat ronchopathie.

Above all, it is important to remember that when faced with intense snoring, it is imperative to consult a doctor.

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Sprays to be sprayed in the throat and nose before bedtime help to limit vibrations and therefore reduce snoring.

The nasal strips are placed on the outside of the nose and make it possible to widen the opening of the nostrils and therefore increase breathing.

There are also anti-snoring bracelets and rings available. These cause electrical impulses when the sleeper snores, forcing him to find a better position for his breathing.

Stop snoring: natural remedies

In order to stop snoring, more and more people are opting for natural remedies. And for good reason, they are effective and particularly simple.

Once again, we remind you that it is advisable first of all to consult a doctor.

The first natural remedy is olive oil. A tablespoon of olive oil before bed allows airway tissue to soften.

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Many essential oils can open the airway. This is the case with menthol. Peppermint and lavender are also effective against snoring.

Different alternative medicines are used in the ronchopathy< /a>. Homeopathy will be particularly effective when the person is suffering rhinitis or a cold.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the anti-snoring rehabilitation methods. This is to firm the muscles of the mouth and tongue.

Stop snoring: Back2sleep

Back2sleep is a discreet orthosis that fits around the nose. Very easy to use, it helps to fight against snoring from the first night. The snorer will quickly regain regular breathing and regain restful sleep. Available in four sizes, the person will find their ideal length for maximum comfort.

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Stop snoring:  what to do?

Stop snoring with operations. This approach must necessarily have been accompanied by a medical follow-up and the ronchopathy diagnosed.

Radiofrequency is not considered a real surgery but allows reduce soft palate vibrations using electrodes.

The removal of the soft palate is a surgery. It is effective but heavy. It should be noted in this regard that it requires hospitalization as well as anesthesia.

Finally, it is possible without going as far as ablation to reduce the soft palate. Less cumbersome, this procedure can be performed with a laser in an ENT clinic.

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