How to cure sleep apnea?

How to cure sleep apnea?

By its very nature, sleep apnea has an apparent paradox: this pathology tires more and more when one tries to sleep. This is undoubtedly the heart of the frustration of those who suffer from it. This frustration is all the more vivid because sleep apnea is not easily detectable. These are generally peripheral signals that alert the affected person or those close to them.

These sleep apneas can last between ten and thirty seconds, and can have particularly harmful consequences, both in daily life and for the general state of health of the person suffering from these unexpected pauses in breathing.

Understanding sleep apnea to better treat it

If in some cases, sleep apnea find their origin in a deviation of the nasal septum and at the level of the sinuses, the vast majority have as their source the obstruction of the respiratory tracts in the pharynx. A sagging of the soft palate, the uvula and the tongue will, during sleep and in a supine position, block the airways. Two consequences of this phenomenon: the appearance of snoring and regular episodes of sleep apnea.

There are several causes for this clogging. First of all, overweight which, by gaining fat cells, will reduce the passage of air. Excess adipose tissue is predominant in men from the age of 50, and it is therefore necessary to increase monitoring of sleep apnea.

Other factors come into play. So the consumption of alcohol or sleeping pills can have a negative effect. These products tend to cause muscle tissue to lose tone and therefore aggravate obstructive conditions.

Another form of sleep apnea should also be noted: central sleep apnea. This pathology is not the result of an obstruction, but stems from a problem in the nervous system. The inspiration and expiration information is not transmitted correctly to the rest of the body.

Healing sleep apnea

Providing an effective treatment for sleep apnea can sometimes be a bit long. It may take several tries of different solutions before finding the right one.

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The first way to cure sleep apnea is by changing their lifestyle. Weight loss remains the most effective way to reduce the risk of sleep apnea. By eliminating the fat that accumulates around the neck, it clears the passage of air.

However, if the weight loss is not conclusive or fast enough, it is necessary to turn to other options.

Using a mandibular brace, which advances the position of the lower jaw at night, is a popular solution. By pushing the lower part of the face forward, a passage is cleared so that the air is not blocked.

It is also possible to use positive pressure ventilation devices that will push air into the lungs. However, these imposing devices are not systematically well tolerated.

Another option, probably the most radical, is surgery. Removing part of the palate and the uvula with the scalpel reduces the likelihood of sagging. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the operation is not a systematic success.

sleep apnea usually occurs while the sleeper is in the dorsal position, there is a whole set of solutions to modify this. Adapted t-shirts or pillows have been designed to encourage the sleeper to lie on their side when sleeping.

There is no shortage of solutions. Only Back2Sleep provides a global answer to the problem of sleep apnea. Without surgery and without modifying its behavior during the night, Back2sleep allows air to flow freely from the nostrils to the back of the throat.
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