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Anti-snoring dentures: indication, advice, custom orthotics and orthotics in pharmacies

The denture exists in different forms and can be delivered in pharmacy as made to measure. Not all are created equal and it is important to respect strict hygiene measures for optimal use. Finally, its reimbursement will result from the pathology presented by the patient.

Anti-snoring dentures: Indication

Snoring is expressed by the noise emitted by breathing during the night. This noise can be particularly annoying. It is generally between 45 and 60 decibels (noise of a hubbub) but can reach up to 100 decibels (sound of a passing truck). It should be noted that snoring can only be temporary but can just as well be chronic. Snoring is often the sign of a more serious pathology called sleep apnea.

But what is sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is a decrease or cessation of airflow during sleep. Facing sleep apnea, the cessation of respiratory flow will last longer than ten seconds. In case of suspicion of this pathology, a specific examination will be carried out. Ventilatory polygraphy will analyze several physiological elements during sleep.

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If until very recently, the CPAP device was the reference treatment in the presence of sleep apnea, the anti-snoring denture is now on the rise. Thereby,  the High Authority for Health (Has) has recommended the mandibular advancement orthosis since 2014. Nevertheless, it is important to highlight that this device remains limited in the face of severe sleep apnea. The opinion of a sleep specialist will be recommended to assess the advisability of using this treatment.

Anti-snoring dentures: Opinion, is it effective?

The anti-snoring dentures, as we have seen, can be indicated for both snoring and sleep apnea. But what are anti-snoring dentures? The anti-snoring denture or splint is an orthosis that must be worn at night so that the lower jaw and the tongue are kept forward, in order to avoid the obstruction of the air passage in the oral cavity.

You should look at its mechanism to understand its effectiveness. The anti-snoring dentures will allow stretch the pharynx area to limit muscle contraction and facilitate the passage of air. This tray will treat the symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea. It is therefore recommended to benefit from a medical follow-up to judge its usefulness and to complete this treatment with other solutions. It is essential to respect strict hygiene rules. The gutter should be washed daily with soap.

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How effective are anti snoring dentures? In order for the anti-snoring dentures to be optimally effective, it is better not to sleep on your back. The first question to ask is how to judge the effectiveness of the denture or orthosis? As for snoring, those around you will quickly have the answer. But as far as apnea is concerned, it is essential to check whether the patient recovers a normalization of his sleep apnea index.

For anti-snoring dentures to be effective, they must be worn every night. Its effectiveness will come from daily wear and over the long term. The difficulty lies in the undesirable effects which sometimes make use difficult. Patients often abandon treatment when faced with discomfort and dry mouth.

Anti-snoring dentures: custom orthotics and orthotics in pharmacies

There are two types of anti-snoring dentures to be distinguished. Those made to measure with a health professional and those sold commercially without obligation of medical recommendation. The type selected will result in a radically different price.

The mandibular advancement orthosis will be made to measure in the laboratory or by a dentist or orthodontist. It will therefore require a medical prescription. The tailor-made realization will allow a maximum comfort and a perfect adaptation to the morphology of the patient. The price will be high (sometimes up to 1000 euro) and reimbursement is not automatic.

dentier anti ronflement sur mesure

Anti-snoring dentures sold in pharmacies or on the internet have lower prices. These dentures therefore do not need a prescription to be delivered. It is important to emphasize that the effectiveness of an adaptable orthosis is less than that of an orthosis on measure. And for good reason, they will never be perfectly adapted to the patient. Finally, the feeling of discomfort is regularly underlined by patients.

Alternatives to anti-snoring dentures

Snoring and sleep apnea affect so many people that many other medical solutions exist. As regards natural remedies, they have the merit of being effective while avoiding the use of medication. We can cite in this regard eucalyptus tea which will decongest the patient and reduce snoring. In the same way, essential oils also allow them to disinfect and decongest. It is possible to use essential oils of peppermint or mountain pine, for example. Warning however, these natural remedies help with snoring but not sleep apnea.

For complete support of snoring and apnea, it is possible to use the Back2Sleep nasal stent. This orthosis will help maintain regular breathing and effectively combat snoring.

orthèse intra nasale Nastent

It is also possible to use nasal strips or sprays. Sprays to spray in the nose or throat limit vibrations and therefore reduce snoring.

The Continuous Pressure Device (CPAP) is particularly effective in the presence of sleep apnea. The upper airways are then kept open for better breathing. Finally, it is possible to resort to operations on medical advice. It will then be the removal of the soft palate or even reduce the soft palate in an ENT specialist.

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