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Dental gutter: Presentation, the anti-snoring gutter and its alternatives

The second reason has to do with the appearance and the material of the gutter. From these characteristics will result a different comfort and above all of course a more or less high price. One of the reasons for the dental gutter is to fight snoring. These dentures can be made to measure or can be purchased in pharmacy in standard format.

It is important in the case of snoring to question the effectiveness of the gutter in order to possibly consider other therapeutic solutions. In France there are 10 million snorers, the remedies natural and drug treatments abound. Each patient can easily find the solution that best suits them.

Dental tray for adults: Use and Presentation

To understand how to use a dental splint, you should first look at the different models that exist. A dental splint can be defined as a removable dental appliance that adapts to the shape of the patient's teeth. To illustrate a bit, it looks like a mouth guard. But if the principle remains the same, their design may vary from one model to another.

So what are the different uses of the dental splint? The first use of the dental tray will be to align your teeth. It generally complements orthodontic daytime treatment and will be worn overnight . It is mainly used to keep align the teeth and ensures that the orthodontic work lasts over time.

Another use of the dental tray, fight against bruxism. But what is bruxism? This somewhat barbaric word means that your teeth grind at night. Untreated, the bruxism can cause overlapping teeth and alter the quality of your teeth. Like the orthodontic gutter, the anti-bruxism gutter is worn at night. Count around 50 euro for the denture and 100 euro for the dental check-up.

gouttière dentaire présentation

Less medical but just as used, teeth whitening trays allow, as their name suggests, to make teeth whiter . These trays are usually worn daily for a period of 15 to 30 minutes on a period of 5 days. There are several different solutions to whiten your teeth via a whitening tray. The patient can indeed use a gutter containing a whitening product or a thermoformed gutter.

The dental tray: The dental tray against snoring

Before trying to understand the usefulness and the mechanism of the anti-snoring dental gutter, it is imperative to understand snoring. Snoring is the noise made by breathing during sleep by the patient. This noise can be harmless or particularly annoying. Note that this noise can reach up to 100 decibels, the equivalent of a truck passing. This snoring, if it can only be temporary or occasional, can just as well be chronic and therefore become disabling on a daily basis.

What is an anti snoring dental splint? This is a gutter that must be worn night to keep the lower jaw and tongue forward. This avoids encountering obstructions in the passage of air in the oral cavity. The main purpose of this denture is to stretch the pharinx region in order to limit muscle contractions and facilitate the passage of air.

gouttière anti ronflement

It is imperative to benefit from a good medical follow-up to judge the opportunity but also the benefit of this anti-snoring gutter. It will be recommended to wash the tray every day for hygienic reasons. In order to realize if the anti-snoring gutter is right for you and is effective, it is essential to respect an adequate position during the night and avoid sleeping on your back. For the tray to be as effective as possible, it is best to wear it daily at night. However, patients struggle to wear it every night. Adverse effects make it uncomfortable to wear. It should also be noted that this gutter regularly causes a dry mouth.

The anti-snoring gutter: Therapeutic alternatives

As we have just seen, the anti-snoring mouth guard can have a number of disadvantages. Fortunately, there is a very wide range of anti snoring solutions. Homeopathy is very often used in the face of light snoring. Similarly, patients can have recourse to acupuncture. The essential oils can decongest the patient, and therefore restore normal breathing. We can note the essential oil of peppermint or even eucalyptus.

It is possible to use the Back2Sleep nasal stent. This stent makes it possible to fight against snoring very quickly. It adapts perfectly to the patient's morphology and is very discreet.

For chronic snorers, stronger treatments exist. CPAP device will only be recommended by a doctor and will induce medical follow-up regular. The device allows air to be sent continuously to the patient. It will often be prescribed when the patient also has sleep apnea.

Radio frequency is increasingly used and in the most serious cases, it is possible to avoid having to resort to surgery. An electrode is introduced into the soft palate in order to pass a small electric current.

Finally, uvulo-palato-pharyngoplasty surgery makes it possible to obtain aresection of the uvula, tonsils and part of the soft palate < /span>. This causes the throat space to widen. The only drawback of this procedure, the general anesthesia!

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