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The sleep apnea pillow to fight against sleep apnea

The phenomenon of sleep apnea literally hurts millions of people who, most often, are not even aware of their condition.

Often associated with ronchopathy, it generates a state tiredness during the day, recurrent headaches, irritability and spontaneous episodes of drowsiness, which can, when driving a vehicle, can lead to serious road accidents.

Equally serious, the health consequences are significant. With lower oxygenation during the night, the heart, circulatory system and brain get tired and are impacted by these episodes of sleep apnea. Solutions exist, and among them, the sleep apnea pillow may seem like a convincing alternative.

Understanding the source of sleep apnea

In order to better understand the solutions proposed to fight against sleep apnea, you have to understand the mechanism that generates it.

The vast majority of sleep apneas are obstructives. This means that they have their source in the blockage of the airways by obstruction. It is manifested by the sagging of the muscular tissues present at the back of the throat, such as those of the soft palate and the tongue, which obstruct the pharynx.

The dorsal sleeping position causes, by the gravitational force exerted on the flesh present at the back of the throat, this contact which will block the respiratory channel.

These sleep apneas that follow one another repeatedly have serious consequences on well-being and on health risks, to such an extent that this issue has become a real public health issue.

Even more than the daytime fatigue generated by sleep apnea, drowsiness is responsible for one in three fatal road accidents, and apnea increases considerably cardiovascular risks and stroke probabilities.

Solutions in the sleeping position

In order to find a response to sleep apnea, it is recommended to avoid sleeping on your back, in order to clear the airways by preventing the sagging of muscle tissue in the pharynx. Another possibility, still linked to the position during sleep, is to ensure that the throat is not obstructed.

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The sleep apnea pillow to eliminate snoring?

The spleep apnea pillow can be a solution. We can thus describe two of them. On the one hand the pillows which will aim to encourage and facilitate the sleeping position on the side. By doing so, you allow better air circulation by avoiding obstruction of the respiratory tract. The shape, texture and material of its pillows, often memory foam, provide positional therapy to encourage the sleeper to maintain that position.

A second type of apneic ear operates in a different mode. It will act on the release of the throat by trying to lift the neck to clear the airways as well as possible. Indeed, the throat can form, with the accumulation of fatty tissue, a bottleneck that this kind of pillow will try to alleviate.

The effectiveness of the sleep apnea pillow

These types of pillow have limited effectiveness as they work mostly in cases of mild sleep apnea. So a few changes in the position of the sleeper are enough to solve the problem. However, this is by no means an ideal solution, for several reasons. On the one hand, it is necessary that the person suffering from these apneas does not have a restless sleep which would modify his position, and on the other hand these pillows do not work systematically.

The Back2Sleep solution does not require any adaptation the position of his sleep. Back2Sleep clears the respiratory tract by creating, thanks to its flexible tube, an uninterrupted channel of air from the nose to the pharynx.
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