What are the solutions to permanently stop snoring?

What are the solutions to permanently stop snoring?

Snoring can be a point of tension within of a couple. If the inconvenience caused by snoring between two spouses is the first “symptom” of snoring< /b>, there are many more. Thus, sleep apnea, often resulting from nighttime breathing difficulties can cause headaches and, more seriously, significant cardiovascular problems.

It therefore becomes imperative to find a solution in order to stop chronic ronchopathy. And the appropriate solution must not be temporary, but permanent and definitive so that the problem of snoring is, once for all, solved.

Many solutions are available to solve snoring . However, before even tackling the problem, it is imperative to understand the mechanism of snoring. 

Variable solutions depending on the origin of the snoring

That the origin of snoring is at the level from the nasal cavity or pharynx, the source remains a breathing obstruction. This blockage of the passage of air is systematically the result of the presence of tissues whose sagging during sleep will hinder the circulation of breathing. In all cases, the solution consists in clearing the airways and therefore preventing them from being obstructed.

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Several possible solutions.

In the case of snoring originating in the nasal cavity, the presence of polyps present in the mucous membrane of the nose, explains the source of this inconvenience.

It will therefore be necessary to clear the airways at this level. This is how we see the use of a whole set of tools, such as nasal orthoses or strips, aimed at clearing the entrance to the nostrils.

Nevertheless, this is a one-off solution and not always effective and suitable for all “nose” snorers.

Another type of snoring, which is much more common, because corresponding to 80% of cases, pharyngeal ronchopathy, which nestles at the back of the throat. During sleep, unlike nasal snoring, these are not polyps on the mucous membranes, but they are the tissues of the veil of the palate and the muscles of the tongue which, not relaxing, obstruct the passage of air. As a result, in the face of this obstruction, the air that must force the voice, makes the tissues vibrate, causing the characteristic noise of snoring . It is this same phenomenon that can cause sleep apnea including ronchopathy is the warning sign.

Against snoring, clearing the airways

Again, the solution must be in the airway clearance at the back of the throat. Several solutions are possible. Thus, the use of surgery to remove excess tissue can be considered. These tissues tend to develop with age and overweight. Considering a diet is undoubtedly a solution whose impact will be positive, and not just on snoring. There are also mandibular braces which, by moving the jaw forward, clear the path of air in the pharynx .

However, there is no need to consider surgery, wait to lose weight, or fit a brace< /b> every night, especially since none of his solutions can comprehensively address snoring and its multiple origins.


Back2Sleep, a global solution against snoring

Back2Sleep, with its flexible and adapted hose, allows air to circulate easily, from the nostril to the back of the throat.

This is the only comprehensive solution to solve different types of snoring, whether they come from the nasal cavity and its excess polyps, or from the pharynx and sagging throat tissue or sagging tongue muscles.

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So when looking for solutions to the problem of snoring, there is simply one: Back2sleep (previously nastent).
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