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Anti snoring remedies: the best natural remedies!

This ronchopathy is disabling for those who suffer from it but also for those around them. Different medical anti-snoring remedies exist. But in order to avoid taking drugs that can regularly cause side effects, many people advocate natural remedies. Homeopathy, a healthy lifestyle or even acupuncture are all effective solutions.

Finally, there are also "grandmother" anti-snoring remedies to make yourself based on plants and essential oils.

Anti snoring remedies: for whom? In which cases?

What is snoring? Everyone has been embarrassed by the snoring around them and the majority of people have snored. But what is the mechanism of snoring? And why do some people snore more than others?
First of all, it should be emphasized that age favors snoring . After the age of 40, 60% of men snore against 40% of women. In France there are more than ten million snorers.

Anti snoring remedy medicineSnoring is similar to the noise that the sleeper emits during his sleep. And for good reason, it can reach up to 100 decibels. This noise is the result of resistance to airflow. During sleep, the tissues of the throat are relaxed and vibrate.

Snoring can be occasional, intermittent or regular.
There are different snoring. These include simple snoring, moderate snoring and severe snoring. Often severe snoring is the witness of another pathology: sleep apnea. Apnea sleep causes a reduction or a stoppage of the respiratory flow. Sleep apnea induces a respiratory arrest lasting more than ten seconds. In the event of sleep apnea, it is imperative to consult a doctor. An examination of ventilatory polygraphy will be carried out to diagnose the pathology.

Thus, apnea explains some of the severe snoring. But for the others? what explains why one person is more prone to snoring than another? Anatomy. Consequent tonsils , a blocked nose, a thick soft palate, a longer than normal uvula explain snoring. It should be noted that the majority of snorers encounter an anatomical nasal problem.

The best natural anti snoring remedies.

Products to fight snoring are incalculable. There are all kinds, at all prices with or without a prescription. Increasingly, people with ronchopathy are turning to natural remedies.

remede anti ronflement homéopathieNatural anti snoring remedies have two great qualities. The first is that they do not impose a prescription. It is possible to obtain natural remedies without resorting to a medical consultation. The second quality is, as their name suggests, that they are natural.

The first natural anti-snoring remedies are linked to lifestyle and are ultimately very simple. We can cite a number of them: The first piece of advice is to avoid heavy meals and alcohol or milk as much as possible. Second tip, weight loss. Overweight people suffer much more snoring.

Tobacco is also to be excluded. Indeed, it has the effect of irritating the mucous membranes of the throat and causing the latter to swell, which therefore reduces the passage of air.
Avoid as much as possible to use to sleeping pills which participate in the sedation of muscle cells.

We can also mention some “practical-practical” anti-snoring remedies. Position during the night is essential. It often causes back pain, nocturnal awakenings or snoring. Fr sleeping on your side you force yourself to breathe through your nose and not through your mouth. Similarly, it is advisable to sleep with your head elevated by several pillows.

Finally, alternative medicines are used to alleviate snoring. This is the case with aromatherapy, acupuncture and phytotherapy.

Grandmother's miracle anti-snoring remedies.

What could be better than making your own anti-snoring remedies? There are a number of very easy preparations to make.

Remède naturel anti ronflement

First grandmother's snoring remedy (and probably the easiest) a spoonful of olive oil. As we mentioned earlier, an irritated throat swells and reduces the passage of air, thus promoting snoring. Olive oil has a lubricating virtue and calms these irritations.

Like eucalyptus tea, different essential oils decongest and disinfect. It is possible to use the essential oils of mountain pine, juniper, and peppermint. The Périlla plant or “basilica of china”, helps to fight against all respiratory disorders and therefore against snoring.

Finally, it is recommended to do language exercises. These exercises can significantly reduce snoring.

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