Rhinitis: the different rhinitis, their causes and treatments

The symptoms are debilitating and quickly disrupt the patient's daily life. Many remedies exist to reduce the consequences of rhinitis. There are also many drugs that can cure it.

Rhinitis: the different rhinitis and their causes

Rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal passages. There are different types of rhinitis whose causes diverge. Increasingly widespread throughout the world, rhinitis has significant consequences for the patient. Faced with this rise in pathology, WHO has carried out in 2001 a new classification of the disease.

Allergic rhinitis exists in different forms, the best known being "hay fever". This pathology generally appears during the spring or summer in flowering period. Pollen, grasses and molds cause allergy. It should be noted that allergic rhinitis may present a more or less high intensity. It will be persistent if it exceeds 4 days for at least 4 weeks. On the contrary, it will be intermittent if it is less than 4 days a week for 4 weeks.

To diagnose allergic rhinitis airborne allergen skin testing is done. Finally, it is important to point out that allergic rhinitis is regularly associated with other pathologies such as sinusitis or asthma.

Rhinite cause allergie

Vasomotor rhinitisoften occurs in times of stress. This rhinitis is not allergic. It stems from improper regulation of the autonomic nervous system. Vasomotor rhinitis affects women more often.

Chronic rhinitis lasts at least 12 weeks per year. It is a disease of the nasal mucosa. Chronic rhinitis can be allergic since its name chronic efers to its duration.

Rhinitis: symptoms and risk factors

The symptoms of rhinitis are numerous and constraining. The intensity and manifestation of these symptoms may vary from patient to patient. Faced with chronic rhinitis patients will encounter an obstruction nasal (stuffy feeling), runny nose and headaches.

Allergic rhinitis responds to more specific and consistent symptoms than classic rhinitis. Thus, the patient will experience distinct symptoms in addition to the symptoms of classic rhinitis. Repeated sneezing and itchy throat and nose. But the the most typical symptoms occur mainly in the eyes . Eye disorders such as tearing, redness and irritation appear.

rhinite symptômes

Risk factors for allergic rhinitis can be delineated. It is advisable to avoid any contact with dust. Dust mites and animals also strongly promote allergic rhinitis. Air pollution is particularly harmful for people with allergic rhinitis.

The risk factors for vasomotor rhinitis are numerous but easy to avoid. Again and again, healthy living is paramount. Alcohol and tobacco should therefore be avoided to avoid encouraging the onset of vasomotor rhinitis. As we mentioned, vasomotor rhinitis is often caused by a state of stress, strong emotions should therefore be controlled as much as possible.

Rhinitis: treatments

The symptoms of rhinitis fatigue the patient enormously, yet he struggles to sleep because of nasal congestion. His partner will also see his sleep disturbed by snoring caused by rhinitis. In order to prevent snoring, it is possible to use the Back2Sleep intra-nasal orthosis. Easy and effective, it adapts to each morphology.

In order to cure rhinitis, different drugs exist. Nasal congestion requires a nose wash. Salt water or physiological serum will be fine.

Homeopathy is possible in case of allergic rhinitis. When you know that during a specific period of the year you are prone to allergies, you can take a preventive homeopathic cure.

Rhinite traitement

People with rhinitis are increasingly using natural remedies to limit symptoms. Essential oils have real therapeutic virtues in terms of rhinitis. Faced with allergic rhinitis, it is possible to use essential oils of peppermint and lavender to relieve itching. To decongest an eucalyptus inhalation will be recommended.

Licorice root helps relieve coughs. Finally, it is possible to drink green tea every morning. This tea will provide an anti-allergic.

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