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Snoring and women: Cause, Consequences and solution

Snoring and women: causes

Snoring and pregnant women

Why does the pregnant woman snore more?

This is not true for all, but for some, they can see it from the beginning of their pregnancy. In the first trimester, the mother really wants to sleep, she is prone to l’hypersomnia (Feeling of wanting to sleep at any time of the day). It is a phenomenon related to hormonal changes that the body undergoes. The increase in progesterone makes you want to sleep. This then fades around the 4th month.

When the mother sleeps deeper, snoring may appear. The position also plays, the mother will tend to sleep on her back more often, because of the belly that gains in volume. This search for comfort therefore leads to a predisposition to snoring. Sleeping on your back, the passage of air is noisier because the gleam is pushed backwards. And as weight gain is important in a short time, the organs are more compressed than usual.

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Snoring in postmenopausal women (45/55 years old)

While men are usually more affected by snoring problems, women are mainly affected after menopause. It is a new cycle that begins for women, the significant cessation of menstruation leads with him to a hormonal upheaval not without consequence. The nights become difficult because of the significant drop in the rate of estrogen production. This sex hormone serves in part to preserve muscle tone. Since these estrogens are reduced in number, the work of strengthening the muscles is no longer as operational as before. Thus, the airways become more loose, creating an obstruction of the duct, and air.

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Snoring in women, other causes

A poor lifestyle such as excessive alcohol consumption before bedtime is an aggravating factor. Sometimes, a simple glass of wine is enough for some women to cause this disorder. This produces muscle hypotonia, which is the narrowing of the respiratory tract. This sagging is natural because it occurs when the person goes to bed, but it is accentuated by alcohol consumption. Tobacco doesn't help either.

An obese woman is more likely to suffer from snoring. The fat masses that accumulate further increase the sagging of the organs and complicate the arrival of air. The problem is simple: the more compressed the air passage, the stronger the snoring. In the case of an obese woman, her breathing is much too slow, and the body must mobilize more energy to afford the amount of oxygen it needs.

At the same time, an obese woman suffers from sleep apnea.

Of course, the anxious state only makes things worse. It doesn't take more to disrupt the sleep cycle. You should also know that snoring is hereditary! Remember that it is not uncommon for it to be the combination of several factors that promote snoring in a person.

Snoring in women: consequences

Snoring in women can be a sign of sleep apnea

Snoring is insignificant in itself, but it can sometimes be accompanied by sleep apnea. It is a respiratory arrest of a few seconds that causes fatigue, high blood pressure, drowsiness... It is not to be neglected because it is a dangerous consequence of sleep apnea.

 One in five women suffers from it and more than 90% of women are not diagnosed!

The symptoms are more subtle (mood disorders, insomnia, fatigue and stress) and therefore less noticeable. Your partner can identify him if you suffer from it, by observing a pronounced respiratory arrest (more than 10 seconds) followed by an inspiratory recovery that results in significant snoring.

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In general, noisy snoring can be a first warning sign. The woman can hardly realize it on her own. In this case, to the slightest doubt, it is essential to consult a doctor to undergo additional tests.

Snoring in women can promote cardiovascular diseases

This is not to be taken lightly! When intensive snoring leads to sleep apnea and it is not treated, a field conducive to heart problems raises. It is therefore possible to anticipate cardiovascular diseases by seriously considering its snoring, a warning sign of a more serious disorder. The strong vibrations caused by the woman's snoring ignite the carotid arteries in the long run. According to a 2012 English study, the thickening of the carotid causes cardiovascular disease.

Snoring can harm your relationship

It is unthinkable not to talk about the couple relationship in the problem of snoring. Some consider that they are even love killers!

Beyond the decline of desire, it is a real infernal circle that is set in for the partners.

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The companion who sleeps on the other side of the bed is hit hard by the noise caused by his beloved. The quality of sleep is quickly impacted, with the appearance of bad mood, irritability... Are you afraid for the harmony of your couple? Don't hesitate to talk about it with your husband and try to see how you can get through this together.

Snoring can affect your sleep

Sleep apnea is the number one cause that interferes with sleep, especially when it happens hundreds of times in a single night! The consequence for health is disastrous, the woman no longer enjoys restful sleep, which is essential to be in good shape all day.

Many other symptoms also appear, which you feel as soon as you wake up and which worsen over the hours: difficulty concentrating, drowsiness, memory problems, irritability...

Snoring should in no way disturb your sleep, it is therefore advisable to consult quickly so as not to put your health at risk.

Snoring in women: treatments

Snoring in women and homeopathy

The causes of snoring in women are numerous, so it is complicated to know where to act to improve your nights. Alternative medicine, such as homeopathy, can provide short-term solutions for simple snoring. In particular, they can help the person to relax. Consulting a homeopath allows you to target the problem and see what is best for the respiratory tract.

Clinically tested female snoring solutions

Back2Sleep has developed splints that fit inside the nose. This medical device is a tube, which, once inserted into the nasal passages, reaches the soft palate. By its action, it regulates the breathing of the individual and helps to prevent the airways from being congested.

anti-snoring sprays for pregnant women also exist , used to minimize vibration of the throat organs. Surgical operation on the respiratory organs remains an interesting solution for women who suffer from snoring that is too virulent and jeopardizes their health.

However, it must be remembered that it is a delicate and somewhat painful operation. In the long term, 75% of people who have had surgery see a marked improvement on a daily basis.

Say stop to sleep apnea and snoring!
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