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Snoring pregnant woman: symptoms, medical solutions, remedies and tips

But while waiting for delivery, are there any effective solutions? From generation to generation a certain number of tricks emerge to fight against snoring during pregnancy. But it is also possible to use medical solutions to remedy this problem.

Snoring during pregnancy: a symptom

Snoring is a symptom of pregnancy. It appears more or less quickly, often during the third trimester of pregnancy. A real daily embarrassment, it is the main cause of insomnia in pregnant women. First of all, it is essential to dwell on the mechanism of snoring to understand why pregnancy leads to ronchopathy. Snoring is the noise emitted by breathing during the night.

But why do we snore? The sound of snoring is the consequence of a vibration of the uvula. This is air resistance. When the patient breathes, he pushes the air to the lungs. Before reaching the lungs, the air must pass through different ducts: nasal cavities , pharynx, larynx, trachea and bronchi. These ducts are clogged and therefore make it difficult for air to pass. Snoring may vary between 45 and 100 decibels. A study by Scottish people clearly showed that pregnant women snore more than usual. This study counts 41 % subjects snoring during pregnancy compared to 12% before pregnancy.

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So why do pregnant women snore more than usual? The first reason is by far the simplest and most logical. This is the weight gain observed during pregnancy. The body index of a pregnant woman increases considerably during her pregnancy. The neck area also develops and this weight gain will cause a restriction of upper airways.

The second reason lies in the presence of estrogen during pregnancy. These will cause swelling tissues located in the palate passages as well as in the nasal mucous membranes. The consequence is simple, it results in an obstruction of the air passage.

Snoring during pregnancy: treatments and medical solutions

Snoring is in most cases only annoying and does not indicate other complications. However, as always, and especially during pregnancy, it is recommended to seek medical advice. The gynecologist can enlighten the future mother and provide her with solutions. This medical advice is valuable because pregnant women tend to develop sleep apnea more easily.

The taking of medication during pregnancy is generally excluded or strictly controlled. It is possible to follow a homeopathic treatment to reduce snoring. A taking three granules of Opium 9CH in the evening at bedtime will help the future mother to find quiet nights.

Osteopathy is often indicated for pregnant women. The osteopath will work on the glands, will work for hormonal regulation and will work the relaxation of the muscles of the palate.

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Pregnant women faced with snoring see their therapeutic possibilities limited, but still have some medical solutions. For example, it is possible to use nasal strips. They help fight the narrowing of the nasal passage. Nevertheless their effectiveness is limited.

Pregnant women can use a Back2Sleep nasal stent. This is available in several sizes and adapts to each morphology. It helps fight snoring effectively.

Snoring during pregnancy: remedies and tips

As we have seen, medical solutions for snoring in pregnant women remain limited. Also, it is worth highlighting a number of tips that can relieve the inconvenience of snoring during pregnancy. The first tip is the position during the night (preferably on the left). Adopt a position on the side during the night. Similarly, before going to bed it is recommended to raise your head a little with a pillow for example.

It is also possible to use an anti-snoring ring. Inspired by Chinese medicine, this ring worn on the little finger features acupressure points that free the airways.

A simple and effective remedy,olive oil! a spoonful of olive oil before bed allows the tissues of the airways to relax. Eucalyptus tea is very effective against snoring. It is recommended in for the purpose of decongestion.

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When you are prone to snoring, it is better not to drink milk at bedtime. Why? Because it leaves a layer of mucus in the throat. It is often advised to use a saline solution in each nostril to reduce snoring .

Dry air is the enemy of snoring. Using a humidifier of air helps to combat the dryness of the surrounding air. It is quite possible to use a bowl of water on a radiator. Its effect will be similar to that of a humidifier.

Finally, tongue and throat exercises exist to combat snoring. It is enough to practice 30 minutes of exercises before going to bed. They aim to strengthen the muscles of the upper respiratory system.

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