Télématin talks about us (Back2Sleep)

Télématin talks about us (Back2Sleep)

Every morning, many people wake up tired, due to their partner's snoring. A noise nuisance for some, a real source of conflict for others. 

Télématin, our flagship morning show, recently highlighted this problem, which is much more widespread than you might think.

Causes of snoring 

During the sequence, a medical expert discussed the various reasons why we snore. From nasal obstruction to excess weight, alcohol and smoking, there are many causes. 

Before getting to the more elaborate solutions, preventive measures can already make a difference: lose weight, stop smoking, or watch what you eat.

Les causes du ronflement

Proposed solutions 

But for those whose snoring persists despite these precautions, innovative solutions have been presented. 

And one of them is ours! The intranasal stent from Back2Sleep

And the mandibular orthosis, already known, brings the lower jaw forward to prevent narrowing of the airways.

Back2Sleep l'orthèse intranasale

Back2Sleep's intranasal stent: innovation in the spotlight 

Our intranasal orthosis is designed to provide better breathing throughout the night. Simplicity and effectiveness are the key words. Easy to fit, it is placed in the nostrils, gently spreading the nasal passages to allow optimum airflow.

We're proud to have been featured on such an iconic programme as Télématin. Thanks to this, we hope that many sleepers (and their partners) will find the rest they deserve. 

Don't wait any longer, go for Back2Sleep, and rediscover the pleasure of a peaceful night's sleep. 🌙

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